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The Girls

CONGRATULATIONS to Lona and Randy Suomi of Mountain Song Farm in Battle Ground, Washington on their purchase of CASTLERIDGE FANCY FLIGHT (Serenity Flight Time x Kresknoll Miss Val). We are certain that the Suomis will love and cherish Fancy as we have, and look forward to hearing good news about their breeding plans for her.

We have always prided ourselves on the quality of our mares. Even though we have downsized over the years, we still feel fortunate to have some of the most beautiful and talented mares in all of Morgandom. We even have a rare GRAY mare in our herdlet! Please take a moment to meet The Girls...



Out of a winning park harness mare and sired by our own Above Command, Sera is everything a breeder could ask for and more. Sera is now getting some preliminary ground work training and is becoming every bit the star we expected her to be!


Castleridge Que Sera




There are less than 50 gray Morgan Horses in the entire world. For my 25th wedding anniversary, Bob made it an anniversary to remember by giving me this incredibly beautiful, rare gray Morgan mare.

I had seen a post on the Positively Morgans list by Anne "Midge" Canavan in Tennessee, offering one of her three gray fillies for sale. I called Midge and asked for a video tape of the filly. When the tape arrived, I hurried to the VCR and sat there with my mouth open in awe. The most gorgeous gray filly immediately captured my heart. I kept thinking to myself, "No, you cannot do this... No, you have enough horses... No, she is too young and you will have to wait to breed her..." basically doing my darndest to talk myself out of her!

The rest is history. My plans are to eventually breed her and work toward improving the wonderful gray lines.

We are very excited to announce that Misty has been in training at the beautiful PEEPER RANCH in Lenexa, Kansas with World Champion trainer Phil Fountain. She has been well started under saddle and also drives and is now available for purchase.

Silverstone Misty Dawn

Silverstone Misty Ash

Silverstone Misty Dawn



SEASONS MAJOR FINALE | 1999 Dark Chestnut Mare

With a recent decision to jump back into the breeding waters, I decided to pursue an option to buy a mare that I have loved from the first moment I saw her. A few years ago, I came very close to purchasing this mare, but for various reasons at the time, the sale did not transpire and I have continued to have the right of first refusal on her should she ever become available again.

Lucky for me, my good friend Colleen McNicoll was finally willing to part with her and the time was right! Finale is one of the last daughters of the great sire, Black River Major. Her dam, Up Hyre Julep, is a grand producing mare for Colleen, being out of one of those wonderful Dee-Cee Mr. Trophy mares that are so sought after.

My plan is to use my frozen straws from Above Command. Fleetwing on AC has been highly successful, giving me such grand horses as CastleRidge Above Any Bay, CastleRidge Simply Above, CastleRidge Love Above, CastleRidge Above The Law and CastleRidge Wildly Above.

"Nali" has had two lovely foals by Colleen's wonderful stallion, EF Hot Wheels, so her proven production record made this an easy decision for me. I am thrilled with the prospect of this breeding and may also test the waters with our CastleRidge Above when he is old enough.

Seasons Major Finale

Seasons Major Finale

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